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About Us

Studio 6 is a brand new music school located in the heart of Rathgar Village. We offer 1-on-1 instrumental lessons to people of all ages and ability levels.

Being a new school, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide our students with the skills of the modern musician. We cover a vast range of musical styles, whether it’s Jazz, Rock, Hip-Hop, Classical or Blues, to cover every aspect of your musical needs. As a part of our curriculum, we can also teach you how to record your own music, how to shoot and edit playthrough videos, and how to demystify music theory to take your songwriting to the next level!

Our Audio & Video Suite is a great learning environment for students to learn the secrets to getting that perfect take, or to add that extra magic to bring a recorded part to life.

​To find out more, please call Sam at 0873281302, or email

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