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Our Courses

Here at Studio 6, we offer a wide variety of services. Whether you're looking for 1-on-1 music lessons, band workshops, Summer camps, or if you'd just like to hire a practice room for a few hours,  we've got you covered! For more information, please call Sam on 0873281302.

Practicing Guitar

Instrumental Lessons

Master your instrument with our 1-to-1 instrumental lessons!

We cater to all ages and ability levels on the following instruments:

  • Guitar

  • Bass

  • Drums

  • Piano

  • Ukulele

In these lessons, you will learn every facet of your instrument, such as:

  • Repertoire

  • Technique

  • Musicianship/Theory

  • Recording

  • Live Performance Skills

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Music Grinds

Get ahead of the curve with our music grinds! We cover all aspects of the Junior and Leaving Cert curriculum in small groups of 3-6 people.

Band Practice

Band Workshop

Coming soon. Immerse yourself in the world of songwriting, production and recording in our week-long intensive Band Workshop.


Room for Hire

Need to book a room to rehearse, record or teach? We've got you covered!

All of our rooms come with state-of-the art equipment and hi-speed internet. Call us today to find out more!

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